U.S. Sugar is a recognized leader in the growing and processing of sugarcane, citrus and sweet corn.

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Each Year, We Produce

of sugar
produced in the
United States


million gallons
of orange juice
(up to)


of Florida’s
sweet corn crop

We use cutting-edge technology and innovative, science-based farming practices to optimize all aspects of growing, harvesting and processing sugarcane, citrus and sweet corn. We invest heavily in research and development across our operations.

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World’s Largest Private Wi-Fi

More than 1,000 connected devices

U.S. Sugar monitors operations across its 215,000-acre farming enterprise in real time through the world’s largest private Wi-Fi network.

We rely on healthy land, water and air to grow our crops, and we do more than our part to protect and improve our environment for generations to come. Sugarcane farmers are committed to farming in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way, and our farmers take tremendous pride in what they do.

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U.S. Sugar’s Soil and Water
Best Management Practices have led to an average reduction of phosphorous of more than 56 percent annually over the last 20 years.

Since 1931, we have dedicated ourselves to giving back to the communities where we live and work. Every year, we devote thousands of volunteer hours and significant financial resources supporting causes that help children, families, education and hunger.

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U.S. Sugar and its employees contribute
thousands of volunteer hours annually to civic, social and educational causes and donate generously to local events, organizations, schools, sports teams and social programs.

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