A Leader in Innovation

Using the Latest Technology From Field to Factory

Backed by Science and Experience

U.S. Sugar uses the latest science and technology to produce the best sugar and tastiest orange juice. Employing advanced practices in planting, harvesting and transportation allows us to maximize our crop and protect the environment. Our entire sugarcane crop is harvested by machines.

On the Cutting Edge

U.S. Sugar operations are high-tech. It has the largest, contiguous, privately owned Wi-Fi network in the country, providing wireless network coverage for its operations in a 270-square- mile area. Its automated radio frequency identification system coordinates the timing of harvesting operations with railroad transportation and its mill operations.

Best in Its Class

Our Clewiston Refinery is considered one of the largest, most efficient, cost-effective sugar mills in the world.

Commissioned in 1998, it was the first refinery in the nation to completely integrate the entire sugar-making process, from field to refinery.

Our workers stay connected through a vast Wi-Fi network covering 270 square miles, the largest of its kind anywhere in the nation or the world.

Our refinery was the first in the United States to completely integrate the entire sugar-making process.

During the harvest season, U.S. Sugar's mill can grind up to 42,000 tons of sugarcane each day.

U.S. Sugar produces a variety of products, from 2-pound bags of sugar sold at grocery stores to 200,000-pound rail cars of sugar for food processing companies.