Insects and barn owls play important roles in controlling our pests on the farm.

Environmental Stewards

Healthy soil, clean water and clean air are the basics for sustainable farming. Protecting the land and natural resources is a top priority. As farmers since 1931, we have a long history of protecting our land resource.

Clean Water

We care about Florida's water issues, Lake Okeechobee, the St. Lucie River, Indian River Lagoon and the Everglades. U.S. Sugar and neighboring farmers are on the forefront of creating and implementing the most effective environmental farming practices. To date, Florida sugar farmers have invested more than $450 million to restore and protect the Everglades. We recycle much of our water. The water that flows off of our property primarily goes south of the lake, and it leaves our land far cleaner than when it entered. Water flowing from the north side of Lake Okeechobee accounts for 95 percent of the water in the lake. Our farmers and water quality engineers work with state and federal scientists and biologists to meet the highest water quality standards. We will continue to work with all of our neighbors to improve water quality for all of us.

Clean Air

The air quality in Hendry and Glades counties ranks second and third best of Florida’s 67 counties — a testament to the cleansing nature of our sugarcane crop.

Healthy Soil

Who says muck can’t be clean? We rely on 200,000 acres of farmland to grow our sugarcane, citrus and sweet corn crops. That is why we are so heavily invested in good land stewardship and the protection of our natural resources.