Economic Engine

Local Job Creators

U.S. Sugar is a farming company that was founded and grew up in Florida. We are now one of the largest agribusiness employers in the Everglades region. We offer good jobs with great benefits to 2,500 employees with varied skills and educational backgrounds. Included are high- skilled and high-wage jobs in high-tech, automated environments. As we continue to grow, we will create new jobs that provide secure employment to our neighbors.

in Our Community

The economic impact of our local farming and processing operations is felt throughout the state. U.S. Sugar has invested billions of dollars in Florida’s economy through local purchases, payroll, benefits, taxes and community partnerships.

  • Sugarcane crops contribute over $3.2 billion dollars to Florida’s economy every year
  • 12,500 people are employed by sugarcane farming in Florida
  • Sugarcane farming is the 2nd leading contributor to Florida’s agricultural economy

The Bigger Picture

As pioneers in Florida agribusiness, U.S. Sugar proved that farming sugarcane, citrus and sweet corn could be profitable and conducted in a manner that protects and nurtures the natural environment we value. Our efforts attracted other local sugarcane farmers to the state and positioned our company as an integral part of an industry that provides nearly 12,500 jobs and more than $3.2 billion a year in economic activity in Florida.