Our Commitment

Let's Grow

Using the Latest Technology
From Field to Factory

On the Cutting Edge

U.S. Sugar uses the latest science and technology to produce the best sugar and highest quality fresh fruits and vegetables. Employing advanced practices in planting, harvesting and transportation allows us to maximize our crops and protect the environment. Our entire sugarcane crop is harvested by machines.

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Safe, Regulated, Permitted

Florida’s prescribed burn program is a national model for successfully managing state forests and natural lands through carefully coordinated, safe, and permitted prescribed burns. The Florida Forest Service issues permits for many different kinds of prescribed burns—not just burns related to the pre-harvest of sugarcane. Prescribed burns help prevent large wildfires, improve wildlife habitat, and help preserve endangered plant and animal species.


Harvesting Practices

Controlled, Pre-Harvest
Sugarcane Burning

The Florida Forest Service has pioneered conservation through controlled, prescribed fires, explaining that “prescribed burns are an effective tool to reduce fuel buildups, which can cause dangerous wildfire conditions.” These prescribed fires reduce dry brush and help preserve Florida’s valuable ecosystems.

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Best in Its Class


Our Clewiston Refinery is considered one of the largest, most efficient, cost-effective sugar mills in the world.


Commissioned in 1998, it was the first refinery in the nation to completely integrate the entire sugar-making process, from field to refinery.


Our workers stay connected through a vast Wi-Fi network covering 270 square miles, the largest of its kind anywhere in the nation or the world.


During the harvest season, U.S. Sugar's mill can grind up to 42,000 tons of sugarcane each day.