U.S. Sugar Preparing for Potential Hurricane Irma Impact

Judy Sanchez, Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, released the following statement regarding Hurricane Irma:

“U.S. Sugar is taking all available precautions to ensure the safety of its people, property and equipment.  Our farmers are drawing down water levels in farm canals and securing equipment and buildings.  Our railroad is securing railcars and equipment.  Our sugar factory, citrus processing plant and water treatment plant are securing facilities and equipment.  Once preparations are complete, we will be sending our people home to make personal storm preparations and/or evacuation plans.  All operations also are planning for post-storm assessment, clean-up and restoration of operations.

Farmers are always at the mercy of Mother Nature.   You prepare and you pray.  Right now, the people of the Glades are praying long and hard for everyone potentially in harm’s way.”

Note:  Our sugarcane harvest for the 2017-18 crop is scheduled to begin October 1, so only the sugar refinery is currently in operation.  Citrus harvest is scheduled to start in mid-December.

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