U.S. Sugar Employees Recognized for Years of Service

Clewiston, Fla. – At a recent luncheon, U.S. Sugar CEO Robert H. Buker, Jr. recognized seven employees working in the administration division for their years of service to the company. The administration employees each reached milestones of five, 10, 15 and 30 years of service with U.S. Sugar.

“Our company is successful year after year because of the men and women like these we are recognizing here—whose work may be primarily behind the scenes—but still is vitally important to keeping our business running,” said Robert H. Buker, Jr., President & CEO of U.S. Sugar. “They are great examples of what it means to be part of the U.S. Sugar team and we are grateful for their service.”

The seven individuals, who have a combined 80 years of service, were honored with a commemorative pin for each milestone and other gifts after being recognized by Mr. Buker and their department heads. The honorees include:

  *   April deJongh, Administrative Assistant to CEO (5 years)
  *   Elizabeth Marcotte, Financial Analyst (5 years)
  *   Daniel Rodriguez, Senior Financial Analyst (5 years)
  *   Emily Kurtz, Senior Payroll Specialist (10 years)
  *   David Reimer, Director of Tax (10 years)
  *   Carl Stringer, Vice President – IT & Employee Benefits (15 years)
  *   Patrick Bridwell, Senior Linux/Database Administrator (30 years)

Every year, each major business area of U.S. Sugar honors individuals who have achieved employment milestones. For the nearly 90-year-old business, it is not uncommon to recognize employees who have been with the company for multiple decades.

About U.S. Sugar

U.S. Sugar is a farming company that grows sugarcane, citrus, sweet corn and other fresh vegetables in South Florida. The company was founded in 1931 by a visionary leader who hailed from a long line of farmers. Since the beginning, the company’s success has been rooted in traditional farming values and respect for the land. Today, the company provides more than 2,500 good-paying American jobs, and its local farmers provide nearly 10 percent of all sugar produced in the United States, 250 million glasses a year of premium Florida orange juice and half of Florida’s sweet corn crop.

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