What We Do

We Farm

The Root of Our Business

Each year, we plant, harvest and process sugarcane into about 850,000 tons of refined sugar, making us the country’s largest totally integrated producer of sugarcane and cane sugar. Statewide, sugarcane farming is a major economic contributor, providing more than 19,000 jobs and nearly $4.7 billion a year in economic activity.


We Make Sugar

Sweetest Crop

Sugarcane is a giant grass that thrives in South Florida’s sunshine, abundant rainfall and fertile muck soils. Each stalk contains more than 70% water, and the rest is sugar and fiber. It has a 12- to 15-month growing cycle and is planted annually between September and January and harvested between late September and late April.

Easy on the

Sugarcane is considered one of the most environmentally friendly crops because it requires minimal fertilizer and pesticides. It gets most of what it needs from the region’s rich, moist soil. Not only do our fields of sugarcane produce food, they also provide valuable habitat for animals.


How Sweet It Is

cane sugar

U.S. Sugar is one of the country’s largest producer of sugarcane and cane sugar, generating more than 850,000 tons of refined sugar each year.

SF soil

Sugarcane grows well in South Florida’s warm climate and mucky soil, which provides most of the nutrients it needs to thrive.

sugarcane stalks

Sugarcane stalks contain mostly water and sugar that are crushed to extract the sweet juice, which is processed into sugar.

bag of sugar

About three-quarters of sugarcane grown and processed into sugar is used to make bread, canned fruits and vegetables, energy bars, beverages, cereals, cakes, ice cream and other favorite foods. The rest is packaged in large industrial-sized bags or small family-sized bags to sell directly to customers. U.S. Sugar does not use bone char in our refining processes in Clewiston, Florida or Savannah, Georgia. In fact, our refining process uses activated carbon filters to remove impurities. All sugar products produced by U.S. Sugar businesses are vegan and free of animal products.