Statement by U.S. Sugar Spokeswoman Judy Sanchez Addressing Recently Amended Lawsuit Attacking Farming Communities

“The amended complaint filed earlier today by out of town trial lawyers is currently under review.

It appears attacks on our farming communities have widened to include the Glades and Hendry county communities of Moore Haven and Clewiston, where we have played a proud and prominent role since our founding in 1931. Our senior management, including our CEO live here.  Be assured that the families of U.S. Sugar plan to remain active parts of these communities now and into the future.

As stated earlier, we are American farmers and stand behind the safety and integrity of our farming practices, which are highly regulated and legally permitted on a daily basis by the government.  Our farming practices are safe, environmentally sound, and closely monitored. Beyond that, we live in these Glades communities and raise our families here – our children and grandchildren – in the neighborhoods, schools and churches throughout these small, close-knit farming towns.

Decades of independent air quality monitoring and data show that our communities, along with our counties of Palm Beach, Hendry and Glades, have some of the best air quality in the entire state, better than the state average, year after year.

Lastly, while seeming to be done on behalf of our communities, this lawsuit actually attacks the very farming that supports all the jobs in our communities.  This was a significant part of the attacks that bankrupted and shut down the entire Hawaiian sugar business.  If that happens here, these communities will be devastated.

The health, safety and jobs of our communities all are vitally important to U.S. Sugar.”

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