Kenneth W. McDuffie is the President and CEO of U.S. Sugar, located in Clewiston, Florida. U.S. Sugar is one of the nation's premier, privately owned agribusinesses. McDuffie was appointed President and CEO of U.S. Sugar in October of 2023. Previously, he served as Executive Vice President and managed all aspects of the Company's 240,000+ acres of sugarcane, sweet corn and green bean farming operations, which include an extensive railroad transportation network.


McDuffie brings to his strategic leadership role comprehensive knowledge and  experience with the economic and technical aspects of the agricultural business, with a particular emphasis on large-scale commercial sugarcane operations in South Florida. For more than three decades, McDuffie has led teams working in agricultural and logistics environments. Included with this are over 22 years intensive experience in the cane supply, grower relations, research and development arenas.


McDuffie first joined U.S. Sugar in 1992 as part of the Agriculture Department and steadily rose to increasingly more responsible management positions within the department. His economic expertise led to a re-engineering of the business and the subsequent continuous improvement efforts that dramatically streamlined and improved the agriculture operations while significantly reducing costs. In 2003, McDuffie was promoted to General Manager, Farming Operations, and then to Senior Vice President of Sugarcane Operations in 2005 when he also joined the Company's senior executive management team. McDuffie holds a  Bachelor’s degree in economics from Florida State University.

President & CEO Kenneth W. McDuffie

"The culture of U.S. Sugar is unique – we’re a family. The people of U.S. Sugar care about the company; they are a part of the company, and the company is a part of the community."