Company Facts
U.S. Sugar
  • One of America’s largest agricultural firms
  • Primary businesses: sugar and citrus
  • Founded in 1931 in Clewiston, Florida
  • More than 180,000 acres of farmland in Hendry, Glades, and Palm Beach counties
  • Approximately 1,700 employee-owners
  • Country’s largest producer of cane sugar
    - 650,000-700,000 tons of raw sugar annually, providing nearly 10% of the nation’s sugar
    - Newest cane sugar refinery in United States
    - Marketing alliance with Midwest sugar beet growers (United Sugars)
  • One of the country’s largest orange juice producers
    - 16,500 acres of groves, comprising of 1.8 million orange trees
    - More than 100 million gallons of orange juice annually
    - Largest supplier of private label not-from-concentrate orange juice in the United States.

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