Carl Stringer

Vice President
Information Technology and Employee Benefits

Carl Stringer is Vice President of Information Technology and Employee Benefits for U.S. Sugar. In the area of information technology, he is responsible for application development, infrastructure management, desktop support, communications, corporate printing and business continuity. In the area of employee benefits, he is responsible for retirement, health and welfare, payroll workers’ compensation and employment. Stringer joined U.S. Sugar in June of 2004 as Chief Information Officer and gained increased responsibilities in the employee benefits area in 2009.

He was previously a member of the Ryder System Inc. senior IT team at their headquarters in Miami for two years and prior to that worked for Accenture for five years in their Solutions Operations business unit at the Ryder account. Stringer’s primary role at Accenture was in IT management for Ryder System Inc.

Stringer originates from the United Kingdom where he held several IT positions in British Aerospace (BAe), Military Aircraft Division. His primary role at BAe was leading the Dynamic software Rig team in designing aircraft subsystem simulations to test mission computer software routines for the Hawk series light fighter aircraft.

He holds various certifications in applications development, system administration and management studies and has an honors degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Northumbria University in England.

Stringer and his wife live in Stuart, Fla., with their son, Cane.