Moore Haven High School cheerleaders say "I heart U.S. Sugar.''

Moore Haven cheerleaders say “I heart U.S. Sugar.”


Students at Moore Haven Middle-High School gave U.S. Sugar a big thank you for its recent contribution to the school’s football teams and cheerleading squad.

U.S. Sugar donated funding for new practice equipment as well as hats, water bottles and T-shirts. U.S. Sugar also contributed toward the cost of new uniforms and T-shirts for the cheerleading squad.

In appreciation of the donations, the varsity and junior varsity teams made a banner thanking U.S. Sugar, and the cheerleaders posed for a “I heart U.S. Sugar” photo. Jerry Hart, a U.S. Sugar employee, is one of the assistant football coaches for the Terriers. His wife, Vivian, is the cheer coach.

Richard Roudybush, the school’s athletic director and football coach, said the donations go a long way toward helping the school and its students.

“School athletic programs are a tremendous source of community and team-building for students and faculty,” he wrote in a letter thanking U.S. Sugar. “They are also a driving force of morale and school spirit, both of which have the potential to improve the quality of a student’s education.”

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Moore Haven Students Say Thanks to U.S. Sugar

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