moore-havenU.S. Sugar recently donated $1,500 to Moore Haven Middle-High School to buy new practice equipment for the school’s football teams. The following is a letter from Richard Roudybush, the school’s athletic director and football coach, thanking U.S. Sugar for its support.


As the Athletic Director at Moore Haven Middle-High School, I would like to thank U.S. Sugar for their support of our school’s athletic department.

Thanks to their recent $1,500 contribution, both our varsity and junior varsity football teams will have new practice equipment, which will be used to encourage safer tackling practices, ensuring that the safety of our students remains a priority.

School athletic programs are a tremendous source of community and team-building for students and faculty. They are also a driving force of morale and school spirit, both of which have the potential to improve the quality of a student’s education.

With that in mind, it is truly wonderful to be a part of a community where businesses appreciate the value of what we do, and take it upon themselves to lend their support to help us provide the best possible educational experience for our students.

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Donation Helps Moore Haven Middle-High School

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