Southern Gardens Citrus

Premium 100 percent Florida orange juice from our groves to your glass.

Just Call Us Delicious

We help produce delicious, natural 100% juice for both popular brands and private labels. Our groves, along with those from other independent growers in Southwest Florida, provide pure, premium Florida orange juice served nationwide.

We Are Science Geeks

Science helps us produce healthy oranges from healthy trees. Our scientists work closely with colleagues at leading research universities and government agencies. Together we are researching solutions to the citrus greening and canker, diseases that threaten our groves and citrus around the world.

Protecting Citrus’ Future

Southern Gardens Citrus is replanting and researching fruit trees for the future. Our talented team of horticulturalists, research scientists and lab technicians work hard to produce the healthiest oranges from thriving trees. Our scientists collaborate with leading research universities and government agencies to find solutions to citrus greening and canker – diseases that threaten our groves and citrus around the world.

In Harmony With Nature

By blending sustainable farming practices with advanced technology, our local farmers protect the land and preserve the natural resources that allow our citrus groves to thrive. Every aspect of our 12,500-acre operation is carefully monitored to maintain a balance between farming and nature.

Contact Southern Gardens Citrus
1820 County Road 833
Clewiston, FL 33440
(863) 983-3030

At Southern Gardens Citrus, we have more than 12,500 acres of orange groves containing 1.8 million trees.

Southern Gardens Citrus is one of the largest suppliers of premium, not-from-concentrate (NFC) Florida orange juice in the country.

Mission Statement

"Continuously improve and become the low cost supplier of high quality citrus products to our customers, while maximizing returns to our shareholders."

Food Safety Statement

"Southern Gardens Citrus Processing is committed to provide safe, high quality products that comply with all relevant religious requirements, laws and regulations."