Science & Technology - Agriculture
The latest technology is used in all aspects of Company operations including planting, harvesting and transportation. The focus of applying science and technology to farming is to produce more sugar per acre farmed and more orange juice per tree while ensuring that farming operations are in harmony with the environment (view Best Management Practices).

Agriculture Technology U.S. Sugar invests in a broad array of technology to continuously improve agricultural operations. Today 100 percent of the Company’s sugar cane crop is planted with Autosteer technology, fertilization and chemical applications are done sparingly and precisely and 100 percent of the sugar cane crop is harvested mechanically. The Company uses an intense cane inspection program and proprietary harvest optimization computer models to maximize crop production.

U.S. Sugar uses an automated radio frequency identification program to track each railcar / harvest wagon and provide information such as field number, variety and load time. The data is entered electronically at the loading site and automatically scanned at the sugar factory once the self-dumping harvest wagons arrive. This provides real-time data visibility to both railroad and sugar operations to better manage cane quality and manufacturing.

U.S. Sugar also invests in research and other technologies to find cures for various citrus diseases.