Publication: Clewiston News
Printed: Thursday, May 8, 2003

2003 Sugar Winners

Winners were announced at the Clewiston Inn's Sugar and Spice Room on Saturday, April 26 for the Sweet Taste of Sugar contest. Shown here with contest winners is U.S. Sugar Senior Vice President Public Affairs Robert Coker, Collette Chamblee, Chet Fields, 2003 Miss Sugar Brittani Pena, Joseph Moulton, Darlene Fields and Heather Baucum

The rainy day did not damper the spirits of the ever popular Sweet Taste of Sugar Country contest that took place on Saturday, April 26 during the 17th Annual Sugar Festival. Despite the rain hundreds turned out for the annual event. The winners of the Sweet Taste of Sugar Country Contest were: Joseph Moulton for Best Overall with his Jamaican Coconut Candy, Collette Chamblee for Best Cake with her Collette's Carrot Cake, Heather Baucum for Best Cheesecake with her Cappuccino Cheesecake, Darlene Fields for Best Candy with her Citi Cranberry-Almond Fudge, Heather Baucum for Best Cookies with her Pepper Cookies, Jennifer Bain for Best Pastries and Pies for her Fruit Tart, Heather Baucum for Best Sweet Bread for her Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Maria Autunez for Best Ethnic Recipe for her Tocino del Cielo, Chet Fields for Best Dessert by Men for his Macadamia Madness.

The contest was judged by Jan Norris, editor for the Palm Beach Post, Martica Pitt, Lee County Health Department, Sonny Stalls, retired editor for the Clewiston News and director of the Lake Placid Chamber of Commerce, Mike Gilson, Channel 11 Correspondent and Ricky Gopeesinga chef from Boynton Beach.

The following Best Overall recipe was submitted:

Jamaican Coconut Candy

2 cups Coconut (fresh)
2 lbs Brown Sugar
1/4 lb. Ginger (Fresh)
2-1/2 to 3 cups Water

Cut up 2 coconuts, minced. Boil water. Boil coconuts approximately 10 minutes. Add Ginger (Ginger is to be peeled and cut into tiny pieces. Add brown sugar. Stir until thickens. Place on floured aluminum foil and let set for about five minutes. Makes about 20 pieces.

The 2003 Sweet Taste of Sugar Country Cookbooks are still available for $5 at Badcock Furniture, First Bank of Clewiston and the Chamber of Commerce office.