Manufacturing - Sugar Refining Facts
In 1998, U.S. Sugar commissioned the Clewiston Refinery, the nation’s first fully integrated cane sugar refinery ever built in the nation. Complete vertical integration enables U.S. Sugar to control product quality from the fertile cane fields of the Glades through processing and refining at our state-of the-art facilities. Operating more than 300 days each year the Clewiston Refinery regularly sets refined sugar production records.
Sugar Refinery
  • The 12-story, 300,000-square-foot facility is part of the automated Clewiston Sugar Factory.

  • Like the Clewiston Factory, the refinery is powered by bagasse, the tough fibrous byproduct of sugar cane remaining after the juice is extracted.

  • U.S. Sugar produces a full spectrum of sugar products – from 2-pound consumer bags to 200,000-pound bulk rail cars of sugar for the food processing industry. It is the first cane sugar refinery in the U.S. with Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level III certification for three consecutive years.

  • About 75 percent of sugar grown and processed at U.S. Sugar is used in processed foods, including cakes, candies, cereals, ice cream, and other foods. About 25 percent of sugar is packaged for grocers’ shelves.

  • Industrial Packaging Line packages:
    • 18-24 25# or 50# bags per minute

  • Consumer Packaging Line:
    • LITTLE SIG (PBD) packages 80 2#, 4# or 5# bags per minute
    • BIG SIG (PRD) packages 110 5# bags per minute