Sugar cane, the Company’s principal business, is the second leading contributor to Florida’s agricultural economy. U.S. Sugar’s crop accounts for about 10 percent of all the sugar produced in America.
  • Sugar cane is a giant grass that thrives in South Florida’s sunshine and abundant rainfall.

  • It has 12-15 month growing season and is planted and harvested between October and March. During that time mechanical harvesters operate 24-hours per day to ensure product quality.

  • Sugarcane is considered one of nature’s most environmentally friendly crops requiring minimal fertilizer or pesticides. The rich muck soils surrounding Lake Okeechobee provide most of the nutrients needed to produce healthy fields of sugarcane.

  • Sugar cane yields 3 to 4 ratoon crops before it has to be replanted.

  • Mechanical harvesters cut the mature cane into foot long lengths.

  • The sugar cane is transported on either the internal railroad or SCFE railroad.