Our Community

U.S. Sugar is an active participant in community life in the areas in and around our farms.

Community Partners

Whether we are sponsoring local events that promote active, healthy lifestyles or donating our time and financial resources to civic, social and educational organizations, we are part of the fabric of the rural communities in which we live and work.

Giving Back

Broad Impacts

The economic impact of our company supports families well beyond the glades. Our work plays a role in creating related jobs across the state and creates revenue for both the state of Florida and hundreds of suppliers that are local to Florida.

Economic Engine

A Taste of America

The sugarcane, citrus and sweet corn we grow in the Everglades Agricultural Area shows up on tables and in lunch boxes across America. Not only are we one of the country’s top cane sugar producers, we also grow nearly half of Florida’s sweet corn crop and are a top producer of premium, not-from-concentrate (NFC) orange juice.

Feeding America