Inside U.S. Sugar
U.S. Sugar U.S. Sugar is Florida’s oldest and largest producer of cane sugar. We are proud of our tradition but recognize that to maintain our place in the new global market economy we must not only recruit, but also retain, the best and brightest people.

The talented people of U.S. Sugar are the foundation upon which our success is built. Our seasoned employees are our strength and our pride: the average length of employment is more than 10 years. Some have 40-50 years tenure and in some families, working at U.S. Sugar is a multi-generational tradition.
  • The Company eagerly seeks college graduates who demonstrate critical thinking skills, leadership ability and initiative.

  • We appreciate special skills and characteristics gained through service in the United States military and are proud to recruit among this capable and resourceful pool of applicants.

  • Our compensation, benefits and management policies reflect our desire to recruit outstanding candidates, retain talented people and foster their professional growth.

  • Because our employees’ opinions count, we conduct periodic climate surveys, allowing us to identify and address employee concerns and innovative ideas to make U.S. Sugar a better place to work.

  • The Company posts internal job openings, encourages everyone interested to apply and promotes from within whenever possible.

  • As an active and involved corporate citizen, we encourage our employees to take part in local volunteer activities for their own enrichment and the betterment of the community.

  • Equal opportunity is more than just a slogan to us. We embrace our diversity while ensuring that everyone we employ is encouraged to maximize his or her individual talents, abilities and gifts.