Southern Gardens Citrus

Citrus From our grove to your shelf.
Providing the highest quality not-from-concentrate orange juice in America.

Southern Gardens Citrus is the world's largest supplier of 100 percent pure Florida not-from-concentrate (NFC) orange juice to the private label industry and major brands. The Company offers highly efficient, fully integrated state of the art juice processing featuring homegrown oranges. Based in Clewiston, FL, the Company employs approximately 750 people during the citrus harvest, including high skilled / high wage jobs in automated environments.

  • Farms more than 14,500 acres of groves comprising 1.8 million orange trees.

  • An industry leader in advanced agricultural techniques and environmentally friendly farming methods using the latest technology ensures production in harmony with nature. Custom-designed, computerized irrigation and fertilization programs determine exact amounts of nutrients and water required.

  • Our location in Hendry County Florida, near Lake Okeechobee, has milder winter weather compared to other historic orange growing regions, making it less prone to damaging winter freezes.
Juice Processing
  • Processes up to 20 million boxes of oranges per season, producing more than 100 million gallons of orange juice per year. The Company has set numerous world records in extractor productivity since beginning operations in 1994.

  • With 56 million gallons of storage capacity the Company can ensure the availability of high quality juice year round.

  • The Company’s Ag Pride Unit provides the highest quality control in the industry for our custom blended formulas.